1. The Draw Moderator welcomes the 2 judges by introducing their names, designations and their parent organization. The audience are welcomed and thanked for making their presence for the draw.

2. Day’s presentation
A. Monthly scheme
I. Name of scheme
II. No of total tickets being printed.
III. No. of Series in the ticket
IV. Numbering of tickets
V. Price of each tickets

B. Prize details
I. Prize levels
II. How winning digits are drawn and numbers of winners in each Prize levels are covered in the main part of the draw.

C. Reminders to Audience
I. Not to capture pictures of the digital result screen because the results require verification of the judges before signing the official result.
II. The result will be valid only upon the signature of CEO.

3. Before the draw begins, the moderator explains about the draw machine and its operations to ensure all concerned are made aware on our fair and transparent draw procedures. The draw machine is thoroughly inspected by the draw judges before the draw commence.

4. Draw starts.
Draw for the major prizes are conducted first followed by the other prize levels. Following points are covered while winning numbers are drawn in accordance to the current scheme.

  • Prize level starts from 1st to till 5th prize
  • No of Winners in each prize level
  • Prize Amount for each level of prize
  • The number of digits drawn on winning digit for each prize level
  • No. of Rows used on the machine to get the required number of winners
  • No. of presses on the control panel by the judges to get the required number of winners
  • Printed numbers of winning digits on result and how it gives the exact numbers of winners

Judges are invited to assist the draw by pressing the button on the control panel that draws the winning numbers.The winning number is displayed on the numbering wheels of the machine and is announced and recorded in the result sheet by the judges as well as on the digital.

5. End of the draw
At the end of the draw, the result sheet recorded by the judges is verified with the digital screen records to ensure there are no errors in the winning numbers recorded.
The official result sheet is compiled after the verification; the result sheet is signed by the CEO, BLL and then published on our website, official social media page and Kuensel.